How does this whole wedding thing work hey?

We like to keep it all simple, from booking through to receiving your wedding album! Let us tell you how.....YAY!

Tell us about your plans,
all the intricate details,
the excitement you feel.
The rule is; there are no rules.
There's no questions you 'should' ask,
or worry that you shouldn't.
This is the beginning of your journey.
Embrace it !



2 Re-connect.

Together, pick your favourite place - that one place that means the most. We'll walk, talk & whilst you forget the camera is there, you can concentrate on just being together. You might even have some fun, in fact we promise you will and you'll definitely get some awesome new photographs for the walls! 


3 We meet again...

A couple of weeks before, you'll have ticked off all of boxes on your to do list. This is now a perfect chance to update us on any changes, create a small group shot list and chat over your final timings. 

We will have been busy seeking out a perfect location for your first photos as newlyweds, somewhere just for you to have a few moments away together.

4 The final countdown

With all the intricate details fresh in our minds you can relax, enjoy but don't forget to take in every part of the beautiful day you've dreamed of and most importantly; look at that one person standing opposite you and just breath. 

5 Time to shine.

Relax, enjoy, take in every second.

6 You've got mail!

Your wedding pictures and film are ready!!
Around 8 weeks after you say "I do", get the wine and chocolates ready - we'll send you the cutest little package wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string. 

Don't worry if you can't wait this long, we'll send some sneak peaks along the way! Don't forget to choose your favourite images, we'll design your own hand crafted album.