The Swansea Wedding Photography & Videography Duo

Think about it, all the best things in life, come in two !
Fish & chips, strawberries & cream, Batman & Robin...


about Amy - Written by Jess.

Amy or Amina as I like to call her; she's funny but not as funny as me. 
One thing that fascinates me is how Amy's brain works, I think that when they built her brain, they made the right side (the creative bit) way too big.  Her imagination never stops ticking over, thinking of new ideas and the same for her feet on a wedding day - they actually never stop!
She's constantly wandering, looking out for that sneaky kiss when you think no ones watching. A lot of Amy's time is spent plotting pins on a giant map & planning mini adventures with her dogs near upcoming wedding venues; to find breathtaking views or cute little hidden nuggets that also match each couples personality and style. As the organised one & list maker out of the two of us, If you ever wonder which one you're speaking to by email etc, it's always Amy.
She'll walk you through your day to come, putting you at ease ahead of the big day.

about Jess - Written by Amy.

I'm going to compare Jessica to a dolphin. Not because she's blue and squeaky but because they're best known for their almost telepathic sense of empathy and gentle nature. 
I quite often look over during a wedding ceremony to find her smiling behind the camera or even singing along to the first dance.
She most definitely becomes emotionally involved with every wedding from filming to the final edit stages where the right music has to be playing in the edit room or she can't get in the 'zone.'
It's guaranteed a little bit of her heart and soul goes into every film.
But also like a dolphin, Jessica has an extremely fun, playful side that'll have you laughing any pre-wedding nerves away.


photography videography flashbulb duo amy & jess

-  The Flashbulb Duo.

In a nutshell, we are a relaxed pair with one aim - for you to have simply the best day of your life and to look back on a wedding album and video that you will leave you breathless. 

On your day, we'll walk, talk, laugh and relax - we keep it simple, for the most beautiful, honest imagery - full of candid, natural moments you'll cherish forever.

Check out the Journey, It's how this whole wedding process works with us!