Worcester wedding photos & video at Whitbourne hall | Tina & Chris

Planning a wedding in six months takes some organising skills! Especially when you’re after a August/September date in South Wales. BUT when you’re a woman on a mission, you just don’t take no for an answer. ( Tina said so herself in her questionnaire below!).
Tina & Chris chose the wedding venue perfect for them with their guests in mind. With many making their way from across the UK (and America for good measure) they chose a location in the middle of them all...

Whitbourne church wedding photo worcester

...But it soon became clear when we were zig zagging through country lanes in utter darkness, we arrived at our hotel the night before the wedding, to what I’m pretty sure that their perfect location could be described as the middle of nowhere! Although, it wasn’t quite in South Wales but surrounded by beautiful countryside on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border!

Nestled in the middle of nowhere happens to be the very exquisite grade II listed, Whitbourne Hall with perfectly manicured lawns, blue glass ceiling and so many classically elegant original features for a country house wedding in Worcester. 

An impeccably matched venue for Tina & Chris’ relaxed day with guests being welcomed with authentic Nigerian Doughnuts cooked by the mother of the bride - YES, these were SO tasty! These weren’t the only doughnuts either, Tina admitted out of all the decor and organisation of her day, the part she was most excited about was the doughnut wall in the evening. Two different colours were even used to create their initials.

Tina’s Nigerian heritage featured a little later on in the wedding celebrations, when the newlyweds took to the dance floor for a second official ‘first dance.’ The room filled with colour as Tina, Chris and some family had changed into the most spectacular traditional Nigerian dress. As they danced, handfuls of dollar bills were sprayed over them as a sign of prosperity. It was certainly a great surprise for all the guests who had no idea, they all joined in with a full dance floor the whole evening!

Make sure you get through all the images to watch their wedding highlights video & the wedding questionnaire which has some absolutely hilarious parts, written with brutal honesty just the way we like it !!

Why did you pick Flashbulb to film & photograph your day at Whitbourne hall? : 

Whilst feeling overwhelmed by Wedding stuff at Canada Lodge showcase - Amy made me feel I didn't need to turn into 'typical bride'. And the photos on show made me realise I won't end up with a 'tired of smiling face'. 
Plus if you can make Swansea City Centre look amazing as shown in the wedding album - I'll take that magic.

Tell us your "love" story.: 

We met at Swansea Uni, we'd hungout as a group of friends for a year beforehand. 
I liked him, and thought I made it clear, he valued our friendship if it didn't work out. I clearly didn't think that far ahead. 
So that's why we have wine. I got very drunk and made a pass at him on a night out dressed in flourescent pink tights and him impersonating Jeremey Clarkson. 10 years later - And I'm grateful for courage obtained by wine. 
We were together for 3 years in uni, at the end, we talked - either carry on or stop there. Don't think either of us thought it would be another 5 years before we lived in the same city. We did 5 years of long distance, travelling 150-200miles every other weekend. Don't think I thought it through while stuck in the several Friday evening traffics. Or 5.27am trains!!!!!!!

But we did it. Still shocks me to think about it now. But he's so worth it.

The proposal !!!:

 Chris asked, I made the first move, he had to do some work. :-p 

We'd just finished a hectic 3 months of house renovation. I was gagging for a break and not more planning. A few weeks earlier Chris had asked where my favourite place in Cardiff was - I responded - our home. 

He'd organised our 9th anniversary meal which I had to cancel on as my mum was ill, so I spent it driving to London. He was being so adorable about changing the plans. Being more attentive and tidy - I thought all my nagging is finally working - HAHA. 

So a week later- we have our meal. We get home drinking port, he gets me up and I think he wants a dance. No he gets down on 1 knee - ring in hand.......

What made you choose your wedding venue? : 

I don't like being told no. So wanted a venue that let me do what I wanted. And didn't want our wedding to feel like it was on a wedding conveyor belt. 

So I did what I do best- If at first I don't find what want - I Keep searching until I do. It was a venue that every time we visited, I thought I can't believe I'm getting married here. And the church!!!!!

Best part - I'm torn - The gold & blue trim in the drawing room, the glass ceiling in the atrium or the garden maze.

The wedding day at Whitbourne hall, Worcester: 

Vibe - Party vibe. Fun day and Semi-formal.

Theme - 'What Chris & Tina like' 

Guest to remember - Having a fun time. Not being bored, well fed and watered.

What happens next as newlyweds? : 

6 weeks off the work treadmill.  We're going to Singapore, Fiji and NZ. We're getting off the life treadmill and going to explore some new territories. Hopefully we still love each other by the time we get back. I can't think of anyone I'd want to spend 24/7 x 6weeks with apart from Chris. 

We'd been planning a trip around Italy before Chris Proposed. So upgraded it. Still hope to do a tour around Italy soon. 

5 year plan, Kids - That's grown up decisions - Oh wait - We're both nearly 30. Don't know yet - still got some more travelling to do.

If you missed their pre wedding photo shoot at Rhossili, looking over Worm’s head in Gower, then check it out below;

Wedding Planner - LMS Weddings

Hair & makeup - Wish Bone & Comb

Wedding venue - Whitbourne Hall, Worcester

Bridal prep location - Bank House, Worcester