Tipi festival style wedding in a field, Swansea - South Wales | Louisa & James

Wedding video highlights from Louisa & James festival style wedding day at a Tipi in Rhydypandy, South Wales.
Blog Written by Swansea Wedding videographer, Amy Reed.

A wedding day that started very civilised in St Peter’s church, Cockett. And ended up a rock concert, erupting from a tipi in the middle of a field in Rhydypandy, behind the bride’s parents house…Featuring an abundance of delicious food, a truckload of hay-bales, string lights, wellies & so much partying I didn’t actually know when to stop filming, as there was so much going on!

Tell us your "love" story: 

We met at our friend’s (Beth, my maid of honour) wedding in Swansea in September 2013. Beth and Math had karaoke in the later part of their wedding, I was singing and James came and stole my microphone and took over - not sure who was the most painful for the rest of the guests to listen to! We then went on to an 'after party' at another friends house, but I refused to cohabit with him and left him on the living room floor while I went upstairs to share with my friend. 
His dad picked us up the next morning (walk of shame age 29!) and we realised we lived near each other in London. It took a while for James to actually ask me out for date 2 - it occurred in October and James turned up to pick me up with his overnight bag and toiletries for the next day -not forward at all!! We frequented the bars of Balham and after a few drinks eased any nerves, both ended up in the boys toilets playing a penguin game where you aim and fire your wee at targets on a screen to score points! (I was more encouraging rather than firing I hasten to add!).
From there, love blossomed and here we are 5 years later as Mr and Mrs!

The proposal:

After myself, my mum and a lot of my friends had subtly (!) nagged James for a couple of years to propose, I had more or less resigned myself to no wedding and started to focus on kids instead (starting with a puppy!).  James suggested we took the dogs for a walk in Richmond Park on the Sunday and went via a patio slab shop in Richmond - romantic!! (we are still renovating our house!). It seemed like a good plan to me and my dad also seemed enthusiastic about it - now i know why! The next morning I got dressed and James seemed worried about the fact I hadn’t showered and was in tracky bottoms. I saw no need to change as we were dog walking and DIY shopping. He was persistent, played on my love of garden centres and said we could go for lunch there afterwards so I eventually changed to jeans but still lacked having a shower! Dog walk in Richmond park occurred, about half way through Geoff (our puppy) started to get tired so I said I'd take him back to the car and James could carry on with Maisey (my parents lab). He tried to intercept this plan a few times, but again i was stubborn and eventually turned and started walking back to the car. The poor bugger then had to improvise and in a sunny little wooded area, he got me to turn round by claiming i had dog poo on my shoe. At which point, he was on one knee, with a ring in his hand and swiftly whipped the bag of dog poo (!) out of my hand before asking me to marry him! It was the perfect spot and the dogs being there was lush too! We then got a couple to take some photos for us but instead of telling them we had just got engaged, told them it was the puppy’s first walk in Richmond park!!

What made you choose your wedding venue (field) in Swansea for a festival styled wedding? :

Our wedding field! 
I had always imagined my wedding involving straw bales and having a rustic feel and loved the idea of doing it in a place personal to us. Hotels/specified wedding venues have their advantages but I find them not very personal and much of a muchness. 
We decided on tipis from early on and were between Stradey Castle and Ewenny Priory for a while but 'the field behind the pub' was always sitting in the back of my head. I used to walk our dogs there when I was a teenager and had always like the field. The fact it was also owned by one of our good friends was a bonus and in my eyes a sign that it was obviously meant to be! James was on board early on, my mother took significantly more persuading and it was eventually Peter (the farmer) and Beth (maid of honour) who convinced her it would work and be amazing. Her one condition was that we had a wedding planner to coordinate the actual day. I have absolutely non regrets on a) going ahead with the field or b) agreeing to a wedding planner and finding Laura to coordinate the day - she was fab. 
The beauty of your "own" field, was that we could literally do anything we wanted within that space and add so much of our own personalities to it, as well as have no curfew for the party to end!! The whole village embraced it with the local pub supplying the bar and storing ice for us for weeks before hand and all the neighbours buying industrial ear plugs to sleep with the party continued into the early hours!

The wedding day - Church Ceremony at St Peter’s, Cockett & festival reception: 

We essentially wanted to have a big party that started with an air of elegance and finesse and ended in a party atmosphere! I think we achieved that! Rustic and country was very much the theme from the offset, with elements of fun injected wherever we could. There is a large english contingence amongst our friends, and a healthy England v Wales (rugby) banter. Therefore we also wanted to show the brilliance of Wales and its traditions ; a male voice choir seemed perfect. This was kept a secret from most people too as I knew a lot would love it and its always nice for everyone to have a little surprise on the day. We also wanted people to have access to a steady flow of booze and put focus on our arrival drinks to do just this, as well as favours doubling up as shot tags! 
The tipis were magical and we were extremely lucky to have such a supportive bride tribe with our friends and family mucking in to achieve our dreams. There was a lot of extra stress in the build up doing a DIY wedding BUT i would 110% not change a thing now and would love have a replay in a few years time for our anniversary!

What happens next as newlyweds?: 

I love the last question in this sentence! I have joked with Peter (the farmer) and Beth that we should set up a little business to rent out his field and Beth and I could coordinate/plan the weddings - Peter is on board but Beth less so!. I did enjoy it and love organising parties, so genuinely would love Peter to go ahead with this mission!
As far as James and I go...we had a mini moon in our surprise hired camper van (complete with hot tub for the wedding weekend!) and it was lush to get away just the two of us and Geoff for a couple of days. We are now back in work, replenishing the bank for 2 weeks before heading off on an epic 5 week honeymoon to South America (Galapagos, Peru and Brazil). Bring it on!
My 5 year plan is long over due - I was due to have 5 kids by the time I was 35 (which leaves me just 4 months for a miracle to happen!)...therefore we are very much ready to hopefully start a family within the next 12 months. Another dog (and horse!) is likely to feature in the next couple of years too and a move back to Wales within the next 10 years is also on the agenda.

Why did you pick Flashbulb as a videographer to film your tipi wedding day in Swansea? : 

Did an internet search and found a few videographers who appeared to fit the relaxed vibe we hope to achieve on our wedding day. Amy was chatty and helpful from the offset, and the work on your website looked exactly what we were after.
We then met Amy one evening, again she fitted in with our schedule (later evening as we had travelled from London) and let Geoff - our retriever dog came inside their house with us - thats all that was needed, decision was made! Amy certainly did not disappoint on the day and mixed with the wedding party as if she was a guest herself. Diolch!

Make up & Hair - Wishbone & Comb

Wedding planner - Got it covered

Catering - Strawberry Shortcake

Tipi - Wedding Tipi

Dress - Pleser Bridal

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