Three Cliffs Bay Pre-Wedding Photos, Swansea | Laura & Rich

Gower pre-wedding shoot with an adventurous twist. 

Blog by wedding photographer Amy Reed.

Upside down wet folk at Three Cliffs bay, Swansea.

Upside down wet folk at Three Cliffs bay, Swansea.

My advice after this pre wedding shoot with Laura & Rich... always check the tide times at Three Cliffs bay!!!

For those who know Three cliffs, there’s a river that runs into the water. Normally, on a normal day with a normal non super high tide day, you just have to hop across a stream and away you go towards the beach... What made it different on this day was that when we parked up at Shepherds in Parkmill, a dozen surfers were readying themselves to paddle board down the river because it was going to be that high, it’ll take them straight to sea.

The adventures that unfolded will be pretty obvious from the pictures below involving all the hip height water, cow stalkers & crawling under tree malarkey.   For all this adventure, I managed to come home full of cuts and bruises on my leg but these were actually just from walking down the woodland path before the chaos unfolded. 

Thankfully, Rich thought it was the adventure of a lifetime and they both left to drive back to their Swansea hotel, a little wetter than they started but full of laughter and good spirits! And the cameras survived by being held above my head whilst walking through, PHEW!!

Next stop, their wedding day at Llansteffan mansion house in Carmarthenshire, keep posted for some sneak peaks involving a lot less sogginess.