The sweetest love story wedding at Oxwich bay | Linda & Bill.

A true love story photographed at Oxwich bay hotel in Swansea.

Sometimes, love is a funny old thing.

It sweeps you off your feet, leaving you breathless. Sometimes, this feeling is over whelming to say the least. And sometimes, you just need a little time to take it all in.

Perhaps not 40 years though.

When Bill and Linda first dated in their late teenage years, they were young, in love and engaged to be married.

But, as it happens often when you're young and keen to spread your wings - they went their separate ways, lived separate lives and both went onto marry and have children of their own. Linda settled in London, whilst Bill made his home across the pond in the USA.

Little did they know with 4000 miles and 40 years apart, a phone call from Bill in 2012 was all it took to spark a reunion that would finally end in marriage.

Oxwich bay hotel is the location, for this one in a million love story. An intimate gathering of friends and family (and a dog ring bearer) to witness this couples second chance, at the one in a lifetime type of love.

For these long-lost sweethearts, I was privileged to spend a few hours in their company and witness such an emotional ceremony.

Wedding Photography in Swansea by Amy Reed at Flashbulb Photography & Film.