Sylen lakes alternative wedding in Llanelli - Jess & Sion.

Llanelli wedding photography blog - by Amy Reed.

Sylen Lakes wedding in Llanelli - with hints of Star wars, leather jackets & tattoos galore! Jess & Sion's BIG day.

Sit down, strap yourself in and prepare yourself for this supercharged wedding. If weddings were measured in G force, this one would measure off the scales!
Set in Sylen Lakes wedding venue in Llanelli, the day was filled with alternative touches, a hint of Star Wars and a whole lot of colour & tattoos! (Totally awesome & right up our street!)

We are huge believers that your wedding should represent you as a couple and your personalities, in other words sod tradition and make it your own. Sion & Jess definitely nailed this completely. From the skulls on the top table, to the relaxed, informal style of the day and decor - every detail was their personality to a T.

With two weeks to go, we met at their home for a pre-wedding chat and a photo session at a location of their choice. When I arrived at their house, I actually had no idea where we going to take the pictures; I had said for Jess & Sion to pick their favourite place or somewhere with meaning to them. They chose the canal path that runs through Pontardawe, just minutes from their home and somewhere they spend a lot of time with their little girl Esther.

Before a pre-wedding shoot I like to ask a few questions, to get a feel for the couple, their story & what strings I can pull to get them close and connected. However, this time it only took one question. I asked “Where did you meet?” 
When they replied, their faces lit up, I could tell it would be all we needed to loosen them up for some awesome photographs.  Their answer: “Roller derby!” That’s all I needed to know, it was a case of grab your skates, lets go!!!

Along the way in-between the showing off their moves, we were chatting about their wedding day; Jess casually mentioned she’d be bringing their leather jackets, a Boba Fett Star Wars helmet to wear and a few skulls as props for their wedding photographs! I think at this point I was getting more excited about the wedding than them!

On the big day itself, emotions were running very high. I must say, that I don’t think I have ever seen so many people cry during one ceremony or the speeches either. Good tears, of course!

The party stated early when the singer from The Raspberry Jam band started belting out some tunes that got half the wedding guests up and dancing by 4pm. I’m sure there was even a little Irish dancing going on.

After Jess & Sion's couple photos across the lake, via some very dodgy off-road buggy driving from Sion, I started to wonder why everyone was gathered in the car park out the front. It quickly all became clear that was a small feast was going on with a spread of finger food delights! And not just any food, it was M&S food!
With no formal sit down wedding breakfast, guests were told to bring a pack lunch and if I hadn't known any better, I might have thought I was back in Nashville for a football pre-match tailgate party in the car park. 

Day turned to evening & the sun was lowering over the largest of the lakes at Sylen leaving a golden glow for guests to look over at from the balcony, as they enjoyed another feast in the form of a BBQ.

Safe to say, for all the right reasons this is certainly a wedding to remember!

Jess & Sion's pre wedding photo shoot in Pontardawe;


Jess & Sion's Wedding Day at Sylen Lakes.


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