Rollerskating pre wedding shoot, Pontardawe canal | Jess & Sion

Pre wedding on wheels - Jess & Sion's alternative photography in Pontardawe, Swansea

 - blog by Amy Reed - Flashbulb Photography & Film.

With two weeks to go before Jess & Sion's wedding at Sylen Lakes in Llanelli, we met at their home for a pre-wedding chat and a photo session at a location of their choice. When I arrived at their house, I actually had no idea where we going to take the pictures; I had said for Jess & Sion to pick their favourite place or somewhere with meaning to them. They chose the canal path that runs through Pontardawe, just minutes from their home and somewhere they spend a lot of time with their little girl Esther.

Before a pre-wedding shoot I like to ask a few questions, to get a feel for the couple, their story & what strings I can pull to get them close and connected. However, this time it only took one question. I asked “Where did you meet?” 
When they replied, their faces lit up, I could tell it would be all we needed to loosen them up for some awesome photographs.  Their answer: “Roller derby!” That’s all I needed to know, it was a case of grab your skates, lets go!!!

Along the way in-between the showing off their moves, we were chatting about their wedding day; Jess casually mentioned she’d be bringing their leather jackets, a Boba Fett Star Wars helmet to wear and a few skulls as props for their wedding photographs! I think at this point I was getting more excited about the wedding than them!

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