Oxwich bay hotel wedding in Swansea | Bronwyne & Rich.

Oxwich bay hotel wedding photography in Swansea | Bronwyne & Rich's April wedding

Stuck in the mud... the story before the big day - blog by Amy Reed.

In the lead up the Bronwyne & Rich's wedding at the Oxwich bay hotel, I'd been doing a lot of location scouting for the upcoming wedding season. My adventures take me to Oxwich so that the location is close to the venue & off I go up to the cliffs above Oxwich bay.

To set the scene, it's February, it's cold, raining, really misty and so, I think, YES it's a great idea to go to the top of a cliff in search of a great view! NO, What happens? The Jeep gets stuck in the mud that the farmer had just told me " is perfectly firm to drive on. "
After a few wheel spins and attempts to find some traction with my car mats, I had to admit defeat and call the farmer back.  The farmer ends up towing the Jeep, complete with two yapping dogs in the back, out of the mud! Thankfully, for the sake of my pride he admitted in hindsight, that maybe the ground was a LITTLE too soft! (Cue eye roll)!

Although at the time I couldn't see passed my hand for the fog, I was happy that I'd found the route I needed and in trusting the farmers knowledge, I was happy I'd found my perfect location! You might be thinking, I shouldn't trust the farmer for a second time but he was definitely right about the view, it was spectacular to say the least!! 

Thankfully the day of Bronwyne and Rich's wedding, there was no rain, mud or mist but actually quite a lot of sunshine, blue skies and a perfect view looking out towards Port Eynon! The only difference was, this time instead of dodging mud we had to zig-zag a herd of grazing cows who looked utterly amused at us driving through, much to the amusement of Bronwyne & Rich in the back!

Loads of beautiful newlyweds photographs on location later, we're all happy and the mud is long forgotten. Although my car mats did not survive the original trauma, RIP. 

The weather was so good that day, all the bridal party popped to Oxwich beach in the evening for some golden hour shots before the sun finally set over a beautiful day. 

Check out some of the pictures below, the suppliers list is at the bottom of the page!


// Wedding venue - Oxwich Bay Hotel // Bridal make up - Brideology // Wedding cake - Cakes By Helzbach // Bridal gown -  White Orchid Bridal // Bouquets -  Garden of Eden Florist //

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