Italian style wedding photography & videography at Oldwalls, Gower | Paola & Arron.

Photography & videography wedding blog from Oldwalls venue in Swansea. Paola & Arron's big Italian day.

Reach the bottom of the page to check out Paola & Arron's Singleton park pre-wedding shoot.

Reach the bottom of the page to check out Paola & Arron's Singleton park pre-wedding shoot.

Warning ⚠️ this blog gets cheesy! 

Weddings are a big deal. In terms of significant moments in your life, they don't get much bigger. As a couple, deciding to spend this whole day with someone you barely know, can be a little daunting! 

To make it even more daunting is to know that those ladies you've read about online and met once over coffee are going to be in charge of all the pictures and video and that one biggest day! As Brits, I think quite naturally we are quite shy about having our picture taken, if I had a penny for every person that said they hated it I'd have well...a lot of pennies. But I know that the way in which I set up photos, especially on your wedding day is fun, relaxed and all about having a little moment together to let the fact that you just got married, sink in a little.

So, a few months back we changed our packages completely to always include a pre-wedding / engagement photo session. Why? To give couples a chance to get to know us a little more, see how fun it actually can be to have your photo taken and to sigh a big relief that it won't actually be like having your teeth removed!! Paola & Aaron were exactly this couple, a little nervous beforehand, completely nailing it within minutes of starting the pre-wedding shoot and leaving saying how much they enjoyed! AND they did their photoshoot in the rain!

Now, when it came to the big day Paola and Arron knew exactly what to expect, they weren't nervous but excited to see us arrive and even if it was the drink talking a little bit, when we said goodbye to them after the fireworks at Oldwalls, after a big hug; Arron admitted he was (I quote) "emotional" to see us go! That absolutely means the world to us because we pour every ounce of ourselves personally and creatively into being a part of your friends and family for that day.

It isn't about just being a photographer or a videographer, on a wedding day we are a big part of the memories. Not only will we be there to capture all the little details, but to pass a tissue, help tie the kids shoe laces, liaise with wedding coordinators on timings and make sure you both having the super duper possible day in the most relaxed of ways!

⚠️ Cheesy part over!

So it's safe to say, we love our jobs ... Paola, Arron & their awesome friends and family are the most perfect example of why!

And if you've never been to an Italian wedding, make it your life goal. Gate crash or get in somehow, they are full of life, energy and the best part is that at ANY time during the day, if someone shouts "Evviva gli sposi," the newly weds have to kiss, no matter where they are or what they happen to be eating at the time! 

If Google is correct, it translates as "long live the newlyweds."

As a spectator, it's highly amusing but I think as the day turned to night, Paola & Arron suddenly found themselves with a hearing issue and some chapped lips!

So here's a few of Paola & Arron's best bits in pictures & wedding highlights video from their day at Oldwalls in Gower. See bottom of the page for all suppliers links :) 

Oldwalls wedding videography in Swansea | Paola & Arron Catholic church ceremony at St David's Priory in Swansea city centre before photographs at Pennard Castle and a beautiful reception at Oldwalls wedding venue in Gower.

Paola & Arron's pre wedding photo shoot at Singleton park in Swansea.