Oldwalls Gower wedding in Swansea - Kristina & Karl.

Oldwalls Gower wedding with a beautiful Autumnal glow!

Kristina & Karl's wedding at Oldwalls in Gower in late October, our last for the month and ending October with a run of dry weddings! NO RAIN and every evening complete with a sunset :D #winning

Photography was covered from bridal preparations until first dance, I loved the 'no entry' sign show below, to stop wandering eyes seeing the bride/bridesmaids dresses before the reveal!

The glowing sunlight really brings out the tones of purple and lilac in the pictures. We traveled about 15 minutes to an idyllic little spot looking over Three Cliffs bay, giving Kristina & Karl a little time to take a breath and catch up on each others mornings.

Lovely sight to see Karl being a genuine gentleman pulling the chair out for Kristina to sit down!

You just can't have a LOVE sign without posing up against it! We set a little trend too with the guests getting their cameras out to have a go!