Norton house hotel wedding in Mumbles - Jonathan & Alliesha

October wedding at Norton house hotel featuring newlyweds wedding photography at Langland bay huts!

Mr & Mrs Clewett - Married at the Norton House Hotel, Mumbles on Saturday 1st October which also happens to be our own wedding anniversary date!

The weather couldn't quite decided what to do - sun in sun out sun in sun out, rain, no rain, rain, no rain.. you get the idea. Our lovely idea to do a heart shaped group shot outside the front of the venue was on then off then on then we decided to move it inside! Again due to the rain we scrapped our original plans to photograph Alliesha & Jonathan at Mumbles Pier & took to Langland bay's green huts for plan B... BUT the rain spoiled nothing and the subtle Scottish theme running throughout the day in the presence of thistles, the odd kilt and some strong accents created a beautiful atmosphere and I bet a lot of fun later on!

My favourite photograph has to be the little newborn baby who yawned as I knelt down to take his picture - what timing! I don't think it was a reflection on the wedding :P