Glyn Clydach hotel wedding in Skewen - Kayleigh & Wayne.

Glyn Clydach hotel wedding photography & Videography in Skewen - Kayleigh & Wayne.

Sometimes, when talking through a couples plans you kind of wish you were going as a guest! Especially when they’re having racing cars, chocolate kebabs and the prospect of dancing the night away to the Somethings band! However, Kayleigh & Wayne swept us up into their wedding atmosphere on the day. So, we got to experience it all AND take awesome photographs and footage all at the same time. WINNER!  Jess (videographer) left wearing pink wigs from our own prop box, as the guests carried the party on in spectacular fashion sinking shots and dancing the night away.

Wedding video highlights at the bottom :D

We didn’t want to rap but we hate to talk, so let’s hurry this shit up so we can have a smoke fool. They the power couple we all wanna be like so raise your glass and toast to the two in the spot light...... They spending all their lives living in Jer-ma-ain paradise.
— The bridesmaids!

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