Marriott hotel wedding in Swansea - Clare & Emma.

Marriott hotel wedding in Swansea - January winter wedding photos & video blog.


Our first wedding of 2017 had its pluses and minuses.... +2 brides and what felt like -10 degrees on the beach, with blustering wind chilling our bones, whilst I told Clare & Emma not to look cold!! (Easier said than done I know.)

Stunning wedding - beautiful black & silver theme with the best afternoon tea going! Great to see Claire who I've known for over ten years, looking so happy ( & a tad sparkly in that jacket I must say! #onpoint ) congratulations both!! Xxx


Photography & Videography - ( That's us! )

Flowers - BloomingBelles Wedding Florist

Hair - Benjamin Close / Benjamin Close Hairdressing

Make-up - Sara Dymond Makeup.

Dress - Datori Designs - Alterations, Repairs & tailoring

Venue - Swansea Marriott Hotel

It's always an honour when someone you have known many years chooses you as their wedding photographer, it's got to be at least ten I've know Clare. That would take me back to the middle years of university, just when I was beginning to get my first paid jobs in sport, news and events photography. I wouldn't have touched someone's wedding back then, it's not just about being able to take a good picture- it's the pressure of a wedding and the confidence needed. Luckily, none of my friends got married young! 



Clare and Emma's day started and finished at the Marriott hotel in Swansea, looking over the day. A full duo in action, jess on video and myself (Amy) on photographs. I'd text them the day before when I was on the beach walking the dogs, telling them to bring a coat for in between pixtures- it was so windy, it felt like below zero in temperature! Luckily, it wasn't quite as bad as the day before- the wind had dropped but the temperature was much the same. Talks of a tropical island got us through!  We moved the group shots inside so they could thaw out a little bit! 


By the time the evening came, the Marriott was fit to burst as the evening guests filed in  - it's not often to see a lot of dance floor action before the first dance but this wedding was full of it!


We also popped the photo booth up after their speeches, those pictures can viewed here -