Church wedding photography & videography- Coach house reception in South Wales | Jenna & Liam

Rain rain go away! Jenna & Liam's September wedding photography & videography at the Glyn Clydach Coach house in Longford, Neath.


So! During my wedding blogs I quite often talk about the weather, it's a very British thing and I think when you're a photographer in Wales you become very used to working around the rain. However, when Jenna & Liam's day was approaching, I was starting to get a little angry at the rain. It just hadn't stopped!!! All of July, all of August.. but September too??? Nooooo! How very dare it.

The topic of weather even got discussed during our final pre-wedding meeting. At that time, a week before the wedding, the weather forecast (Apple iphone one) was showing a glorious little sunshine symbol. All be it hiding behind a cloud but that's just perfect for pictures! You may be thinking YAY...

... But no, roll on a couple of days before their big day and once again it just decided to change to a giant rain symbol.  Considering Jenna was going to be arriving by horse and carriage, I am eternally grateful that come the morning of their wedding, the glorious sunshine is shining very brightly and as we arrive fully loaded with cameras, the bridesmaids are having a little chill out in the back garden taking in some rays in between make up and hair sittings.

It didn't last all day but WHO CARES? Jenna & Liam left the Dyffryn church in Bryncoch, hand in hand into the sunshine for a horse carriage ride as newly weds.

As guests slurped away at welcome drinks & were entertained by an acoustic singer, we went to Dyffryn woods nearby for some beautiful wedding photographs looking over the stream. 

On the way back, dark clouds approaching only meant one thing... group shots, quick!! With only a short list of formals, we got through them at super speed & as we shot the final one with the groomsmen, it quite literally hammered down... and did not stop literally all day & night!

Now that's the weather out of the way, I must give myself a pat on the back for saving Jenna from a dog!!! During photos in the forest we all spotted 2 dogs running at us with muddy paws heading straight for the dress. I sacrificed my own clean clothing naturally to save the bride!! 

Cue apologetic running owner bearing leads just a tad late. 

So if any wedding guests reading this noticed I (Amy) was covered in mud on my chest and legs, you know why!

Before their Las Vegas honeymoon could get underway, the newly weds had to start the party with their first dance & oh boy did that dance floor fill quickly. With Proud Mary as the second song of the night, "Rolling on the river" was bellowed and multiple small dancing circles quickly formed with people taking it in turns to jump in and out, showcasing their best dance moves! 

Check out some of their wedding photography & videography below, their wedding video highlights are at the bottom.


Hit play on Jenna & Liam's short wedding film below, from their wedding at the Glyn Clydach Coach house in Neath.

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