Beach proposal photographs on Swansea Bay | Hamdi & Tina

The cutest surprise engagement proposal photography on Swansea beach.

Blog by Amy Reed

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Im so pleased with how the surprise proposal went, without any suspicion at all from Tina and her reaction spoke volumes, she didn’t suspect a thing! It took all my best incognito skills to look like I was just anyone that happened to be on the beach with a camera. Thankfully, I didn’t give away the surprise!

Tina had everyone nearby on the beach clapping and "ooohing" as it became obvious she said YES! 

Hamdi & Tina travelled up for a weekend in Swansea, the place they first met and where, obviously Hamdi planned to propose. It was the most romantic of settings, back in Swansea, for a walk on the beach, dinner, a nights stay in a hotel. Well, that was what Tina thought. Not long after they'd walked onto the sand, Hamdi stopped and dropped down onto one knee in the blazing sun. All Hamid's weeks of planning came together in that very moment in such a beautiful way. Whilst wiping away happy tears and still in a little bit of shock, we finished off with a mini engagement shoot on the beach and promenade! PERFECT! 

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Proposal photography in Swansea, South Wales.