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Barn at Brynich wedding in Brecon, Jason & Nicola's scorching June wedding day photography & videography.

Rewind to a couple of weeks before Nicola & Jason's wedding day, to our final meeting at their wedding venue in the Barn @ Brynich. We chatted over their day and I was so excited to tell them about the location I had in mind for their couples photos on the day.

After climbing Pen Y Fan previously from the path near the Storey Arms, I'd noticed there was some really picturesque spots close to the car park that didn't involve much walking.
With this location in mind on the way to our meeting I went to double check everything on the way, take some snaps to show them and explain how perfectly romantic this little spot can be! When I showed them, they loved it, fancied the little drive on the day to gather their thoughts and so that was the plan (well, plan A).

On the day of Nicola & Jason's wedding, it was BOILING, I'd take a guess it was the hottest day this year.

A large percentage of the world, I'd estimate 80%, which is around 6 billion people, all decided this was the day for a jolly to Brecon and more specifically the car park near the Storey arms; The exact spot we needed to park for our short walk to perfection! Unbeknown to our knowledge, there was multiple triathlon and charity events taking place. All of them starting from base of Pen Y Fan!

So, plan B it was, we just kept driving. Only an extra minute of driving and we reached a section of the road that opens up to reveal a beautiful view of the Valleys and even better, no sweaty triathlon goers in sight! (Just a few 🐑 sheep!) 

In all honesty, it doesn't matter where you go for photos on your wedding day, as-long as you have a few minutes to relax, enjoy and have a little cwtch! That gives us the chance to capture some beautiful wedding photos and footage.

Even if we had managed to park and walk up, the severe amount of people would have completely taken away from the peace and romance of the scene. For our couples we just love them to have five minutes of quite together!
The serenity and vastness of the mountains beyond us just gave them that little bit of space to take in the fact that they just got married! It worked out perfectly, the road was so quiet just a minute away from all the chaos, we managed a walk in the middle of the road which made for a great shot. 

So, that's why we always location scout and nosey around any venue new to us before the wedding day - just in-case we need a plan b, c or even d.

Safe to say, the day was absolutely perfect! The sun shone so bright, I'm sure a few guests would have left with some dodgy tan lines! It worked perfectly for their catering of an outdoor BBQ and an evening fire pit. As the sun lowered in the sky, the beautiful grounds of the Brecon venue glowed as we left for the evening a few songs after the first dance. 

Speaking of the first dance, this is definitely worth a mention. Nicola & Jason went all out with a choreographed dance. Cue Dirty Dancing level lifts, complete with Strictly come dancing style scoring at the end on paper plates, tens all around!

Scroll below for some of their wedding photographs and the highlights wedding video is at the bottom from their super day at the Barn @ Brynich.

Amy xxx

Barn at Brynich wedding photo in Brecon

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