Wet, wild & windy wedding; Braving the elements in Gower | Emma & Evan.

Worms head storm wedding photography in Swansea ; Emma & Evan's Rhossili adventure.

Wedding photography blog in Swansea - by Amy Reed


So privileged that when Emma & Evan found out I was already booked for their wedding date, they decided to hell with it; we're going to book you anyway & get dressed back up!! Best attitude ever and such an honour!  The first week of August was literally the busiest
week of weddings EVER. Emma and Evan's shoot was on the Sunday, to end that week with an almighty bang.

It's blatantly obvious from the photos that the weather was horrendous, it had been all week. A wet and miserable start to an August which never turned into anything else, weather wise that is.

Emma and Evan got married officially on the Friday at Brangwyn hall in Swansea, a family only intimate ceremony. They also had a little get together at their house on the Saturday and then on Sunday they got dressed back up, hair done, make up done again to have their shoot. This may sound a little tiresome having a weeding weekend in theory but they loved every second and why the hell not!
Now, of course, as it wasn't their actual wedding day, we could have postponed but these two are little adventurers! (And I definitely am).

Originally we were going to a higher clifftop location near Broughton but judging the weather and wind speeds, we toyed about with a couple of alternatives and Rhossili seemed to be the one. It has sentimental memories with her dad and childhood for Emma, so what better place to have your wedding photos at. The view towards Llangennith and in the other direction, the iconic worms head - it's one of the most beautiful places in South Wales, if not the world. However, you won't be able to see a lot of its natural beauty through the thick mist and rain but trust me, it's there!

Emma rocked up in the car with a yellow mac on, umbrellas ready and said "in for a penny, in for a pound." So we went for it! We were blown to pieces by the wind, hid under the umbrella for one shower and just as we were finishing the shoot at Rhossili, as we were starting to walk back - the skies opened, someone turned the wind machine to full speed and the storm officially arrived. But we were all done, there was no party to go to so it didn't matter about wet hair! A warm bath and hot chocolate awaited Emma before their honeymoon in Croatia.

I just love that they truly went for it, put their all into just embracing the romance, the weather and really creating memories to look back on. What a fun story to tell the grand kids!! Even a few friends joined the couple for some photographs, although wisely before the rain set in.

So, there's a full gallery below to nose through but to start with here's a couple of images from their pre wedding shoot at Swansea bay during the Swansea air show with the red arrows flying over.

Engagement shoot in Swansea bay during the Wales National Airshow.


The wedding gallery, Rhosili, Swansea.

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