Pre-wedding questionnaire

That can only mean one thing... Your BIG day is almost here!!!!

First of all, don't be scared, this isn't a scary judgemental questionnaire.

This is one of the most important things that helps us create beautiful imagery that reflects you, your personalities and your story truly.
But, yes some of it is just for the hell of it and because we're super nosey!

Please take the time together to answer them whole heatedly and get as emotional (or not) as you like. Make sure you agree on all the answers, if you can! Good luck! x

Example - Amy & Jess
Wedding date *
Wedding date
Be nice!
Example - How you met, what happened next, where was the first kiss etc. (Include all the funny stories and soppy details along the way!!!)
Who asked, one knee, where, when, how? All the details!
Tell us where you've chosen if there's more than one location. Was there something that just clicked into place? Your favourite part? Why that location?
What vibe/theme are you going for? The decor, the atmosphere, the one thing you’d love your guests to remember?
(Avoiding the wedding night shenanigans) Honeymoon, 5 year plan, kids, become a wedding planner with your new found skill?